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For today's workshop we will be using online Forum Discussions as a way to:

  1. Model the use of 21st Century Skills/Technology
  2. Enable greater discussion than the typical workshop format would allow
  3. Collaborate
  4. Create a record of our ideas that can be used in the future

This Forum Discussion has been created as a way to practice using Forum Discussions and to make sure that all participants are able to access the AFL Ning.

When Professional Development activities or topics haven’t been “all that you could ever hope for”, what has been the reason/problem?

Answer the above question by replying in the box below.

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Presenters tell you what you are doing wrong and not necessarily how to fix it or a way to do it better. They also expect you to be able to use all the items that they have talked about and have access to all these wonderful, expensive tools and resources.
I agree.  If we don't have the resources and tools, then we can't make the changes in the first place.
I think that 99% of professional development is designed for classroom teachers and have very little impact on my job as a P.E. Teacher.
They rarely apply to fine arts/P.E. teachers.  Technology is often good, but we don't get many opportunities to use it.
Typically, most ideas are not practical nor applicable to everyday classroom situations. Furthermore, they are often just plain boring in that they are too general.
Uncomfortable seats!  Not interactive. Groups too large. 
Agree with all the above.

This is something

NO practical information.

Some of the time the information does not apply to my curriculum.


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