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Welcome to The Assessment Network. Take a moment to let the other members know a little about you. Just reply to this Forum discussion with information about your role, your interest in Assessment FOR Learning, Standards Based Learning, or assessment in general, etc. Nothing is too short and nothing is too long.

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I am currently a 4th grade teacher and looking for additional and the most effective ways to AFL. I am also pursing my Master's in Educational Leadership. 

Thanks for joining, Megan, and for introducing yourself.  I hope you find this site helpful.  Feel free to contact me if I can ever help you out!

Hello!  I am Kristen Huffman and will be teaching English 9 at Salem High School in Salem, VA next year.  I taught English 7 and 8 for 12 years in Roanoke County, and can't wait to learn more about AFL!  

Welcome aboard, Kristen!


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