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School Administrators Try Creating Classroom AFL Objectives

Ok, all you administrators out there.  Are teachers in your school or school system required to have a growth objective related to Assessment FOR Learning?  If so, then this forum could be a nice way for administrators to help out those teachers - while at the same time showing that administrators can still in touch with the classroom!

Each administrator can reply to this forum discussion with a sample AFL objective that a teacher in his or her school could use in their classroom.  Try thinking about how the application of AFL principles would impact your instruction if you were still in the classroom today.

So let's see what you've got! 

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Take a look at this work done in the Northeast, several of their standards for schools fit, I think,,,,,
Thanks, Michael, for sharing this with everyone.  I think it would actually make for a good blog post.  Maybe a description of what is in the standards and how it relates to AFL?

Sure Scott,

These are the Standards used to accredit High Schools in the Northeast.

They were adopted pretty much as you see them.

You can see some direct relationships, for example in the section Assessment of and for learning, but you can also see the connection between AFL and all of the other the concepts when it lays out areas such as instruction and curriculum.

There will eventually be rubrics developed for each area, and schools will have to produce evidence, ie. observations, student work, etc. to show that the school meets the criteria for accreditation. 

I personally think it is some of the most innovative school policy written.


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