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Simple AFL activity in Math

A colleague of mine reminded me this morning of an AFL strategy that she observed me using a few weeks ago. I decided to share!

Students had a quiz and I wanted to make sure that they understood what they were to be assessed on. So at the beginning of the class, I wrote 5 problems on the board similar to those on their quiz. I explained that after they had successfully completed those five problems, I would give them their quiz. Each student was able to get their answers…


Added by Kirstine M. Barber on April 1, 2010 at 10:57am — 1 Comment

Cross-Curricular AFL activity at Andrew Lewis Middle School

Lee Hodges (World Geography - ALMS) and I created a cross-curricular activity two years ago. This activity was similar to the show "Amazing Race."

The "Race"

-Groups of students are given a World Map and an answer sheet. Each group then receives their first clue. On this sheet there is a World Geography AND a Math question related to a place in the World. (For example: Big Ben) that they have to answer. After they record their answers, they get each of them checked, the…


Added by Kirstine M. Barber on March 6, 2010 at 11:45am — 1 Comment

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