• Daily formative of some type
  • -I use them as a daily exit slip in order to gauge student learning for the current days objectives.
    -I use clicker assessments during class to immediate assess learning.
  • Students (and often their parents) expect to have an A if they have turned in all assignments regardless of how much they actually know.
  • AFL-- sometimes students have the opportunity to revise essays, and the higher grade is taken.
    If a student wants to re-do work, they are allowed to.
  • Example of AFL being flexible with the value of quizzes. As a teacher I have been guilty of averaging all grades. As a student we dropped lowest grade.
  • In college....4 test & final.... No practice & no re-takes?? Old school?.

    At NL we are allowing students to retake assessments
  • As a student - college courses with only lecture, no practice. -NOT AFL

    AFL in my classroom - lots of short writing practices with feedback before assigning larger essays.
  • Non-AFL--teachers taking off pts when students use ink in math; teachers taking off pts for leaving off names on papers
  • Remediation work leading up to retaking an exam.

    Not reteaching student misconceptions.
  • In college usually you have designated exams no practice and no make ups
    We have been allowing second assessments at NLHS for one yr
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