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Directions and ideas for getting the most out of this network...

Thanks for joining The Assessment Network. This network - which is called a Ning - is intended for those interested in sharing strategies and ideas related to Assessment - especially Assessment FOR Learning (formative assessment) and Standards-Based Learning. Here are a few ideas for making this network become the best it can be:

1. Make Friends: One of the great benefits of social networking is meeting folks from around the country and the world – as well as right next door. Be sure to invite members to be your "friends" by going to the member's page and clicking on "Add as Friend". This will allow you to see what others are doing and posting and will give you the opportunity to connect with others who might benefit you personally and professionally. It will also allow you to communicate more easily with individuals. Also be sure to let us know who you are by replying to the "Introductions" forum post.

2. Make Suggestions: I (Scott Habeeb) am serving as the network administrator. If you have ideas for making this a better site, please let me know.

3. Make it Grow: The more the merrier. Invite other educators from your school or that you know. When you go to conferences or workshops tell others about the site and encourage them to join. Use the Invite tab if you'd like.

4. Make it Your Own: Be sure to decorate your personal page and make it reflect who you are. You might want to change the colors to match your school colors. Perhaps you could add a school logo. Consider using the "Text" portion at the top as a way to say who you are, where you work, and what you do. Add links and information that will help other members get to know you, your school, and your efforts to better use AFL practices. Share ideas and thoughts that will benefit one another. Just like with Facebook, you have great flexibility to make your "Ning" your own.

5. Make Contributions: Remember that the quality of a network depends on the contributions of its members. This network - or Ning - operates just like Facebook. You're welcome to look and see what others have posted or done, but it will work best if each member contributes ideas, thoughts, suggestions, resources, etc. It really only takes a few people speaking up and sharing to turn a forum like this into an amazing place. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Forum: This tab is for discussions. It would be wonderful if every single member of the network would start discussions and add to those that are ongoing. Discussions like this will make us better educators. Please get involved in them.
  • Blogs: Have some thoughts to share? Want to post ideas regularly? Use the Blog tab. Someone out there has ideas to share and could turn this tab into a must read for the rest of the members.
  • Online Resources: On the main page a quick list of links to online resources has been created. Please send additional links to be added. You could do this by leaving it as a comment on my page or by emailing me at
  • Videos: Know any good or entertaining online videos related to assessment? If so, feel free to go ahead and add them to the video section.

Enough one-way communication. Let the networking begin!

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