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Spurs Players Coach themselves During Timeout | Cavaliers vs Spurs | Jan 14, 2016 | NBA

First of all, I'm biased. I love the Spurs. However, regardless of which team you like, you can learn something about teaching from this video.

You'll see the Spurs in a timeout. But you won't see the coach leading the discussion. Instead, the players are coaching themselves.

Listen to the voice of the announcers. The players are able to coach themselves because the coach has done such a great job of coaching in practice.

By assessing and assessing and assessing in practice - or in the classroom on a daily basis - the coach - or the teacher - enables the players - or the students - to better master the content and excel in the game - or on the assessment that counts.

But notice something else: Coach Popovich, actually is coaching during the timeout. He's working with the players who have not mastered the game plan to the degree of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili - the winningest trio in NBA history.

Frequent and authentic assessment allows the coach - or teacher - to differentiate. Those who have mastered the content are able to go on to higher levels of application - coaching themselves - while those not yet ready for that receive more individualized attention.


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