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  • What is the purpose of ASSESSING students?
  • Why do you ASSESS them?
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your ASSESSMENTS?

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To guide instruction.  We need to know what to teach and what to re-teach.
To check the level of learning the students have acquired from the learning objectives given in class
determine success
To ensure that they understand the material covered!
We assess to make sure that they are learnng the material we are teaching; this holds  us accountable as well as our students.  Sometimes it's an exercise of power over the students.  However, the wise teachers use assessment as a way of informing their own teaching.  If students are not succeeding then we need to reteach.  Sometimes that means that our teaching is not working.
You want to see if they are understanding the information and see what you need to focus more on.
I so agree about the power issue. What a horrible way to control and dominate others assessment so often can be. If a teacher is giving an assessment to inspire fear, they are just wrong.
Clearly this reply was for the post by Rebecca above yours.  Sorry.
Assessment is applied to measure student learning and how well the material was presented
To determine the level of competency for each student related to the skills they need.
Assessments are important at the beginning to see where the student stands academically and to see where he or she needs to improve.
To measure their understanding and our effectiveness in teaching.


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