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Now that Salem teachers and administrators have focused on increasing the use of Assessment FOR Learning strategies in our classrooms over the past two school years, we now have developed a rubric that breaks down AFL into smaller components. The rubric should prove helpful in self-assessing ourselves in our use of AFL and in helping us identify specific areas of AFL where we would like to concentrate our focus. I hope you will find our rubric helpful!

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This is fantastic, thanks.  I will be using it in my assessment professional development modules. I'd like to know how this has been used by you all and if it has evolved since you posted it.
We've used it as a way for our faculty to assess themselves - personal AFL.  Our teachers are very familiar with the concept/principles of AFL.  They all have AFL-related growth objectives each year as well.  We used this recently as a way for teachers to assess themselves and to create a mid-year unofficial growth objective.


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