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Welcome to The Assessment Network. Take a moment to let the other members know a little about you. Just reply to this Forum discussion with information about your role, your interest in Assessment FOR Learning, Standards Based Learning, or assessment in general, etc. Nothing is too short and nothing is too long.

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Thanks, Margie, for introducing yourself to the other members of AFL.  You're right about AFL being something that good teachers do all the time.  I look forward to working with you and your colleagues tomorrow.


I didn't get a chance to thank you in person today, but thank you for a terrific presentation. The information was pertinent, useful, and important to me as a teacher, and of course for my students!

Thanks to you, and Mr. Brayant!! :))


Glad you find the day useful.  Keep in touch!


I am the Director of School Improvement and Professional Development at the Educational Service Center of Lorain County in Northern Ohio.  I work with 27+ school districts in our region.

I have been doing curriculum mapping work with K-2 in ELA and MATH this year and am eager to find connections for our Middle Schools.  I am also a Value Added Leader, helping districts, schools and teachers understand their growth data.



Welcome!  With all your experiences, I bet you could add a lot to this site.

Feel free to post/comment/blog as you see fit!

Greetings to all!  I luckily discovered this site--or should I say "wealth of information" purely by luck (or grace!).  I am presenting to my faculty tomorrow afternoon on Common Formative Assessment since I am the newly appointed CFA go-to person.  Most of my materials are provided by our District, so I am literally re-presenting the material that I was shown in October...I will be incorporating some of Scott's videos into my presentation.  I had been searching for this very thing, so thank you, Scott!  (I will cite my sources!) 

BTW--I am a 20-year vet teaching 9th grade English (my first five), and Speech and Film courses since then.  I am also one of our Athletic Directors, and I coach Cross Country.  My approach to teaching is very similar to my approach to coaching.

Jim - I hope your presentation goes well.  Let me know if I can help you out at all.  Thanks for joining!

Thank you. I am a Director of Instructional Services in Alberta, Canada. As a school division we are implementing and Assessment and Reporting Policy in our Division for the 2012/13 School Year we are working with administrators, staff, students and parents to develop their understanding of AFL. Looking forward to seeing what others are doing and sharing.

Shan - I hope you're finding a lot of ideas on this site.  We'd love to hear what you all are doing in Alberta as well.

I am an eighth grade American History teacher in Carrollton, Texas.  I am also a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Educational Technology Leadership.  I ran across this site during a class assignment and liked the caliber of communication regarding assessment as a learning strategy.  At the start of every year, I set a personal instructional goal for the year.  This year my focus has been on how I can integrate technology to provide and improve ongoing assessment opportunities for my students.  I want my students to view assessment as part of the journey of learning rather than the termination of learning.  After a year of integrating many new technology tools for assessment and researching different views on assessment, I realize that I have much more to learn on this subject.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this learning community.            

Thanks for joining.  I like your choice of a focus for this school year.  I hope you get a lot out of this site - but don't be bashful about leaving ideas as well!

"Who am I?" is difficult to answer. I am a mother, grandmother, and principal. I have taught at the elementary, middle, and adult levels. I have been an administrator at the elementary and middle school levels. I have worked as recruiter in adult and early childhood programs. I have done engraving, been a bandsaw operator, seamstress, and cake decorator. I enjoy most everything and see the humor (occassionally it is sarcastic humor) in many things, even things I don't like.  I love God, children, to learn and go on adventures. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. That is why I am a doctoral dropout.

You will be presenting at a principal's retreat that I will be attending. I am looking forward to learning more Formative Assessment.


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