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I'm a 7th grade language arts teacher at Owensboro Middle School. Additionally, I am a certified library media specialist. As I continue my development as an educator, I constantly look for ways to improve. While I am currently using some of these practices, I know my formative assessment methods can only be enhanced from what I learn here. I look forward to making my current units stronger!
Thanks for joining, Carrie. It's nice to have educators who are looking to enhance their skills be members of this site. Feel free to add your own ideas or experiences to the site as well!
I am a foreign language teacher in California. I've been a teacher for 14 years. However, I have been teaching high school for 2 years. I need to learn more about AFL and motivation strategies for this age.
Nahil, we're glad you joined Assessment FOR Learning. Take some time to read through the various blog posts on this site. I bet you'll find some descriptions of AFL strategies that you can take into your classroom right away. You might start with:
1. An AFL review strategy that can be used by any teacher in any conte...
2. AFL - Students checking their progress (World Language example)
3. Did AFL guide my instruction today?
I am currently teaching in a PYP school. I look after 25 grade 4 students of different backgrounds. I am passionate about integrating art, music and technology in my class. I suffer daily at the though of not having done my best in the classrooms. Thats why I blog and thing things over. I talk to people around me and find metaphors i could use in the classroom. I am passionate about my job and want to improve my teaching practices with your help!

Awesome - glad you joined our site. I took a look at your blog - very impressive. Please feel free to copy and paste any of your blog posts to this site.
Thankyou for checking it out! I appologize for the spelling errors. was trying to follow #edchat talk, but its way too fast :(
Hi Everyone, I am an Educational Data Consultant. Yes, I'm a geek. I work at the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District in Holland, Michigan. When I first started in my position it was mostly looking at state assessment scores for our 13 local districts, charting and graphing their progress or decline from year to year.

Until 3 years ago, or so, when I was introduced to our statewide formative assessment project. I went to the information session and what I heard made SO MUCH SENSE! I loved the idea of checking in with the student several times a day to see how much they were obtaining from instruction. What a concept, not waiting until the end of the chapter/unit to see what they understood, when many times they've already been tested and we've moved on to the next thing. Even if we decide to go back and "reteach" sections, it's much harder to undo all the misconceptions and rebuild the correct knowledge after the fact.

Another aspect of Assessment For Learning that excited me was getting the students involved in their own learning process. Putting the impenitence of learning on the student. Having them use the teacher's descriptive feedback to get closer to the learning target and ultimately improve their learning as reflected on their assignments. They also use self and peer evaluation, having them track their own learning...what a motivator for these students.

Anyway, as you can tell...I'm sold on the idea and LOVE seeing the changes these strategies make in the classroom. I look forward to reading everyone's responses and sharing in the learning journey!
Thanks for joining and for introducing yourself. It sounds like you could have a lot to share that would benefit the other members. I especially like what you said about "getting the students involved in their own learning process." I agree that that aspect of AFL is exciting.

Feel free to blog about your experiences and share what has/hasn't worked, etc. We'd love to hear from you!

HI everyone,

I am a fifth grade teacher at a private Catholic School in Streamwood, IL.  I am a career changer, as I spent over 20 years in corporate America before going back to school to get my teaching degree.  This is my seventh year teaching and I am currently enrolled in a program to get my Type 75 certification.  I was introduced to AFL through the program I am taking and I think this is definitely going to be something I will want my staff to join once I become a principal.  I look forward to reading all about the different strategies that teachers are using and sharing those ideas with my peers.

Thanks for joining, Joseph.  Please feel free to share any AFL thoughts/ideas you have.  Keep us posted as you move through your principalship program.
Welcome, Merle.  Please feel free to share with the rest of us as your school system moves along its journey from assessment OF to assessment FOR learning!


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