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Welcome to The Assessment Network. Take a moment to let the other members know a little about you. Just reply to this Forum discussion with information about your role, your interest in Assessment FOR Learning, Standards Based Learning, or assessment in general, etc. Nothing is too short and nothing is too long.

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Welcome aboard, Bola!  I love your enthusiasm.  I hope you enjoy looking through all the ideas on this site.  Please feel free to add your own blog posts or forum discussions.  If you ever want to contact me directly, feel free to email me at  I'd love to connect with a fellow assessment enthusiast from "across the pond."

I am April Easton, principal at Mountain View Elementary in Alleghany County.  This is my first year as principal.  Previously, I was assistant principal at Alleghany High School for 8 years. I attended the AFL session at the VASCD conference in Williamsburg.  I am looking to gain more information on the topic of AFL as I have a strong belief in SBL and working on a growth mindset for students and teachers.  

Thank you, April, for joining the network and for introducing yourself.  Let me know if I can help you find resources on this site.  And if you have any good ideas or experiences, please feel free to share them as blog posts and/or forum discussions so others can benefit.

I am a student. I attend Western Governors University in pursuit of my Biological Sciences degree. Currently, I am completing my student teaching just outside of Nashville, TN, and am scheduled to graduate this spring. 

One of the greatest gifts and curses to ever be given to me is a perfectionist mentality. I am a brand new teacher and know that I will not be perfect right out of the gate, but I strive to be the best and most effective teacher I can be. That said, I am constantly building my arsenal of techniques and tools that I might find work for me and my teaching style (when I figure out what that is!) to better serve my kids in the future.

I am the superintendent of the Goodhue Public Schools in Minnesota. I've worked in other districts that have been very successful in their implementation of Assessment for Learning. We are currently working hard in Goodhue to implement Assessment for Learning. I was fortunate to be able to attend the Salem presentation at the AASA national conference in New Orleans a few weeks ago. I love the connection between AFT and personalized learning. I agree that AFL is a cornerstone of authentic personalized learning and learned much from the insight gleaned from the presentation.

Thanks for joining, Mike! Glad you enjoyed the New Orleans workshop. Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help out you or your district.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for joining the network, for introducing yourself, and for sharing that video.

If you learn anything from the Westerberg writings, feel free to share some ideas here as a blog post.

I, too, enjoyed the Empower 17 conference.  Be sure to keep in touch and let me know if I can ever do anything to help you out at all.

Hi all! My name is Chris Gannon, and I'm currently a social studies teacher & department chair in Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia.  I attended Scott's presentation on AFL at  ASCD Empower 17 conference, and am currently reading Rick Wormeli's "Fair Isn't Always Equal."  I'm looking forward to learning more as I am making the move to AFL and standards based grading in my classroom next year.

Thanks, Chris, for joining and for taking the time to introduce yourself.  I appreciate you coming to our session at ASCD - and really enjoyed our dinner, as well!  Feel free to share ideas.  A cool blog post would be to share some of the ideas you pick up from Rick's book.  That could encourage more people to read it.  Keep in touch, and let me know if I can help you out at all.

My name is Jason Vest. I am a product of Salem City Schools, a short stint at Roanoke College, a couple degrees courtesy of Virginia Commonwealth University(History & Teaching), and finishing up a degree in Educational Leadership at Radford University. 

I'm looking to learn more and help people (students & teachers alike). 

Thank you for the invitation!

Thanks for joining, Jason.  Let me know if I can help you out at all as you explore assessment.  Feel free to share ideas or experiences via blog posts.

Hello! I am the theatre arts teacher at Salem High School in Salem, VA. My job is to facilitate student learning in their growing knowledge of theatre, character analysis, using real life application of content- helping students to grow professionally while forming a strong work ethic. Being a new teacher as well as a forever-learner, Im excited to strengthen my skills of assessing students, to guide and assist them in their journey.


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