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Hello everyone! My name is Gilbert and I teach at Okinawa International School (Japan).  I am teaching Grades 4 & 5 (Multi-Grade Class) and will soon be in Grade 6 next school year.  I am also leading the Language Committee of our school and the Elementary Department.  I am from the Philippines and have a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education (Hons).  I also have some Master in Education units specializing in Curriculum and Instruction.  I hope we could have more collaborative discussion and brainstorming to further enhance and improve education for a better world.  Cheers!
Gilbert - thanks for joining AFL.  It's exciting to have some from the other side of the world brought so close through the power of the internet. Please feel free to share your ideas on this site.  I'm sure that those of us outside of Japan would love to hear about your experiences and about education in Japan.  Feel free to add blog posts or start forum discussions.  I'm sure we'll find that there are many more universal similarities than there are differences.

Greetings from downunder,


I'm Darryl. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have just started my Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning at the University of Southern Queensland in the Secondary (High School) sector. My teaching areas are Biology and Study of Religion. Prior to commencing studies at USQ I also completed degrees in nursing and theology. I am a registered nurse though these days I mostly juggle study on my GDTL and completing another theology degree. I am in the process of ordination to the priesthood in the Anglican Church in Australia. I am also a life professed member of the Society of St Francis (Anglican Franciscan brothers).


I joined this group as I strongly believe that education needs to be more than making grades in State determined exams. Assessment should be a tool which helps students reflect on their learning and develop a passion and love for learning. I was interested to recently read, as part of my studies, that assessment is viewed by some as just that, more than getting a grade. I really want to know more about this and get some benefit of the wisdom of others who have trodden this path before. I look forward to connecting with others here. 



Welcome, Darryl.  Nice to have folks from Downunder join us.  Feel free to blog about assessment strategies you encounter in Australia.  It's neat to see how universal our efforts are.
I'm a high school chemistry & environmental science teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  I've taught here for 16 years.  AFL has been an ongoing topic of professional development within our school division and within our school in particular for several years.  I'm looking for some fresh ideas and perspectives and hear about and possibly share some success stories and challenges!
Glad you joined, Mike.  I hope you'll find plenty of fresh ideas and perspectives here on this site.  Since you've been working on AFL for several years, I'm sure that you and others in your division must have plenty of great ideas as well.  Feel free to share them - blog away!
Hello, I am currently an assistant principal at Patrick Henry High School in Washington County, VA.  During my career journey, I have held various titles...retail buyer, manager, VDOT drainage technician, business teacher, coach, etc.  I consider myself a life long learner and I welcome change and challenge, which is not always popular in the teaching business.  I, as well as my principal, am excited about AFL and it's potential impact on our teachers' efficacy in the classroom. I look forward to collaborating and sharing ideas with all of you!
Welcome, Kendra.  Thanks for introducing yourself to the group.  Life-long learners who welcome change and challenge are exactly what we need in education!
Hey everyone!.  I'm Sharlene Warren, special educator at Abingdon High School.  I'm looking forward to learning more about AFL.
Thanks, Sharlene. I look forward to visiting your system this Friday.
My name is Meghan Tolliver and I am a third year Business Education teacher at John S. Battle High School in Bristol, VA.  My school division is having an Inservice on Assessment FOR Learning tomorrow.  I look forward to learning more about it.
Thanks for introducing yourself, Meghan.  I'll be leading your inservice tomorrow and look forward to meeting you.


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