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I am a six grade special education teacher, as well as the co-chair of the special ed. dept. I teach 4 of my classes in a collaborative setting and love it. Assessing students needs (academic, social, emotional, etc.) and progress have always been a priority and has been at the fore front while utilizing a variety of tools and techniques. Last year, we experimented with several new technology methods of assessment. I am looking forward to trying out newer methods and welcome any ideas.
For those of you who do not know me - I teach instrumental music, and IB Music at Salem High School, and have been at that position since the fall of 2001. Prior to that, I spent sixteen years teaching instrumental music at Andrew Lewis.

Most of us in the performing arts have been "unknowingly" teaching AFL for years as we constantly strive to have our students perform at a higher level from the day before. I have students play scales for me early in the year, sometimes for a grade, and sometimes only for their understanding of what they need to work on.

I'm definitely interested in how to apply further AFL principles to my teaching.
I am a Gifted Programs Coordinator for the City of Salem Schools for grades K-12. This is my fifth year in this position. Prior to that I taught grades four and five in the City of Chesapeake, Virginia and at G.W. Carver Elementary School here in Salem, Virginia.

Currently, as a gifted programs coordinator, it is my job to plan, supervise, implement, and monitor K-12 Gifted Education Programs. I am a resource to teachers in assisting them develop an appropriately differentiated educational program for these students, as well as a resource to identified gifted students and their parents as they navigate their way through grades K- 12.

In addition to coordinating our Gifted Programs in the City of Salem, I am a teaching partner at Mary Baldwin College where I co-teach graduate level courses with Dr. Darryl Helems, our Director of Student Services, here in the City of Salem. Darryl and I have taught classes together including, Develoment and Diversity, Thoughtful Assessment, and Meaning and Purpose: The Foundation of Education. It was while co-teaching the Assessment Courses through Mary Baldwin during my tenure as a 5th grade teacher at G.W. Carver Elementary School that I became more in tune with just how important assessment for learning is in the classroom.

Ever since then, it has been a mission for me to continue to grow in this area as a professional as well as continue to work with teachers in our division on differentiated assessment strategies. Assessment for learning is an important factor we must consider in planning and executing differentiated instruction in our classrooms.

I look forward to learning from each of you as well as sharing what I have learned in my professional journey. For more thoughts, ideas, and an abundance of resources on Gifted Education, Differentiated Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Strategies, and much, much, more, please go to my blog, The Gifted Corner, at

Kind regards,

Amanda G. Gibson
Gifted Programs Coordinator
City of Salem Public Schools
I am a world geography teacher at ALMS. I am originally from England. I have lived here in the United States over 18 years. I am looking forward to learning more about AFL and sharing my experiences in the class room.
My name is Heather Mullins, and I am a Curriculum Specialist for Hickory Public Schools in Hickory, NC. I am involved in year-long staff development for one of my high schools. The topic is, of course, Formative Assessment. I am depending on much of Brookhart's research, among others. I am drawing from the mastery learning model with much emphais on strategies, clear learning targets, and student involvement. I am interested in any and all information I can get. My teachers are all sharing how a variety of formative assessment strategies are working on our Ning. I have made the Ning private to allow my teachers to feel comfortable. For some of this, this is the first time they have been a part of a social network. However, I am impressed with their posts. I am excited to learn more about the power of formative assessment.
Sounds great. Feel free to invite them to join this Ning as well. We'd love to hear what they have to say!

I teach English at Eudora High School, near Lawrence, Kansas. I am also a co-editor of for a journal called Kansas English, which is published by the Kansas Association of Teachers of English. I thought your forum might be interested in the subject of our next journal, as we are going to focus on all aspects of assessment. I have attached our call for submissions here and welcome any inquiries. We are encouraging teachers to think of the term in very broad terms, so that we could be writing about assessing ourselves as teachers and/or how assessing students alters our relationships with students. So, if you have a spark of interest, feel free to correspond with me.

I am a former science teacher and the principal at Salem High School. I am always interested in new (or revisited) ideas to improve student learning.
I am an Algebra teacher at Andrew Lewis Middle School in Salem, VA. A year ago, AFL was introduced to our schools. I was excited to realize that I was already using AFL concepts in my classroom! I'm excited to learn more and this social network is a great way to learn, share ideas, and have conversations with teachers about instruction.
I am a teacher trainer at the Universidad Casa Grande in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I normally train English teachers online but am now focusing a lot of my attention on training in-service UCG teachers in designing and delivering online courses.

I am especially interested in learning about assessment in online environments. I hope to contribute to the learning as well.
How exciting to have a member of the site from Ecuador. I'll be very interested to hear what sort of perspective you bring to discussions here. Welcome aboard!
I am an Instructional Coach and Mentor at Westside Elementary School in Roanoke City. I look forward to learning more about AFL and sharing information with colleagues.


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