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Welcome to The Assessment Network. Take a moment to let the other members know a little about you. Just reply to this Forum discussion with information about your role, your interest in Assessment FOR Learning, Standards Based Learning, or assessment in general, etc. Nothing is too short and nothing is too long.

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I look forward to meeting you, Carson!

I am an art teacher at Middlesex High School in Saluda, Va.  I teach Art Foundations, Art Intermediate and Art III and IV.  My goal has been to create more of a Fine Arts program and teach and fine tune the basics.  I am also the junior class sponsor which means I help the students fund raise and throw prom.  

Welcome to The Assessment Network, Brindley!

Hi I'm Kate Messner.  I teach special education at the eighth grade level at St. Clare Walker Middle School in Middlesex County, VA.  I am an inclusion teacher supporting math 8, physical science, and civics and economics.  I am interested in learning more about meaningful assessments that are going to help my student's show their understanding of content at this grade level.

Thanks for joining, Kate!!

See you tomorrow!

My name is Jenny and I teach 8th grade Language Arts in Middlesex County, VA. I also coach JV volleyball and softball, serve as advisor for the yearbook, and just started a club called H2O for Life. I enjoy helping students make meaningful connections between their learning, their lives, and their community.

See you tomorrow!

Hello, everyone! My name is Ryan Graveline, and I teach English 11 at Middlesex High. I'm really very interested in bettering my understanding of assessment because I think English assessments are lacking, especially with regard to standard alignment and checking for understanding. I live in Mathews with my wife and our 2-year-old daughter, Harper. I like to read and play guitar in my downtime, which I have little of!

Kerri Burckbuchler. MHS


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