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Welcome to The Assessment Network. Take a moment to let the other members know a little about you. Just reply to this Forum discussion with information about your role, your interest in Assessment FOR Learning, Standards Based Learning, or assessment in general, etc. Nothing is too short and nothing is too long.

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Welcome, Joy!  Thanks for introducing yourself.  Hope you benefit from this site.

Hello! I am a 2nd grade teacher at Meadowview Elementary School. I am always interested in gaining knowledge from others. I look forward to learning and sharing with my students.

Welcome, Cherie!  I hope you enjoy the site and find it useful.  Let me know if I can ever help you out.

Greetings from Dulwich International High School Suzhou, where I have the privilege of serving as the deputy Director (Academics).

We deliver a British-style curriculum to (mainly) Chinese nationals who are transitioning from the Chinese state middle-school system to top universities overseas, particularly the USA, Canada & The UK.

Assessment for Learning is one of the foci of our school professional development programme, as we believe that improving AfL has a huge impact on student learning.

Particular areas of interest for this year are:

- questioning (in the widest sense of the word including written, MWB etc.)

- homework and marking

- Alternatives to note-taking

- How to use external exam mark schemes formatively

- Assessment and motivation

- Making students aware of AfL / learning styles (metacognition)

- Checking that learning has taken place

Richard - thanks for joining and introducing yourself. It's fun to see how around the world educators are focusing on similar goals. Please let me know if I can ever help you out!


I am Erum Fatima from Pakistan and I am Subject Coordinator of Social Studies for level 3 till 5 as well as cater History/Geography for levels 6 till 8. My main interest in this site is to grow myself as well as my teachers professionally and also be aware of new AFL strategies in their classes.

Erum - thanks for join


 I am soon to start working on Ib system as we are going to launch it as Diploma program and I will cater to Anthropology subject. Can you guide me in this context.



I could put you in touch with our school's IB Coordinator - she would be a great resource. Why don't you email me at and we can start conversing?

Hello!  My name is Kathryn Hurley and I work at the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute.  We conduct practical research on issues that matter in education, urban and otherwise.  AFL is one of the topics that my division works with especially as pertains to early literacy.  I look forward to learning more!

Thanks for introducing yourself, Kathryn.  If you scroll through the Members list on this site, you'll find that educators from across the country - and around the world - are, just like you, realizing the value of assessment's impact on learning.  Let me know how I can help!


I am Bola Macarthy, lead for Learning and Teaching  and teacher training at my academy. I am so blessed to be part of this 'crew' I am always seeking ways to develop assessment for learning in my academy. Just honoured to be part of like minded professionals. I live in the UK and it would be fun to swap ideas, share ideas and ultimately support. I teach English language which is undergoing huge changes at the moment. Any one who wants to share pedagogy and practice? I am up for it.




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