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Robert Marzano's powerpoint about grading and formative assessment

Robert Marzano certainly leads the way in using research information and applying it to our classroom practive. His book Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Grading is a great resource for anyone interested in learing more about this subject. I participated in a webinar with Dr. Marzano earlier this year where he used a powerpoint to walk participants through the key ideas in his book. Here's that powerpoint!

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How cool that I'm reading your post. Just yesterday I discovered Dr. Marzano and listened/watched the webinar you're referring to. It was great! Since I didn't have the ppt notes, I took my own. The link for the webinar given 11/13/2009 for all you audio learners out there! Thanks for posting these!
What a fantastic resource. He refers to "formative scores" which is similar to the marks system that I use to quantify formative feedback. I do this so that students here in Ecuador can comprehend formative feedback better because they are used to only receiving grades, so everything is understood better with numbers. I think that is fine as long as the number refers to a descriptor in a rubric. Thanks again for posting this.

i enjoyed reading this power point presentation. its really nice presentation which depicts formative assessment, summative assessment and grading very comprehensively. i suggest all my friends to read and request the author to post such useful materials.



Diane - looks like this post might worth expanding on.  Got any good blog ideas in you?


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