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  1. What's the Final Grade?
    You are seeing projected on the screen a collection of scored assignments.  Your job is to determine the student's final grade based on these scores.  You have complete freedom to determine how best to do that. You will choose a letter grade by visiting the following survey: 

    What's the Final Grade?

  2. What does a grade represent? 
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    When a student gets an A, or a B, or a C, or a D, or an F as a final grade on a report card or on a transcript, what does that mean?  And what should go into that grade - what should it be comprised of so that it means what you want it to mean?
  3. Ideas for Leading an Assessment Journey

    Introduction to AFL:

    Discussion Starters for Faculty Meetings:

    Trying and Failing, a key component of learning:

    A Better Way to Review:

    Pick a Strategy and Try It Out:

    Take an Assessment "Course":

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Grades must be representative of what a student knows and can do.  What should go into the grades? Assessments of learning

A grade should represent the student's mastery of course content. It should not be based on compliance or citizenship. It should also indicate how well a student can apply what he or she has learned.

Their ability and what the student knows for the standard and skill being covered.

A grade should represent what a student knows or can do - mastery level.

A grade should be an accurate reflection of how the student is performing based on the standard of learning expectation.

Overall Understanding

Grades should represent what students know, understand, and can do. Grades should show a student's growth and mastery of content. 

A grade represents a student's acquisition of content after opportunities for remediation. 

We think a student's final grade should reflect what a student knows and can do. We still question how you can hold students accountable for citizenship/life skills.

We want the "letters" to be a representation of different levels of proficiency students have achieved during the student's time in the class. We want that grade to be measures of assessments completed during the grading period. 


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