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For the past several years at Salem High School we have focused on assessment for the staff development portion of our faculty meetings.  The Assessment Network has played an integral role in those faculty meetings.  The Forum feature has enabled us to make our discussions more interactive and collaborative as well enable us to archive our activities for future use.


This blog post is a list of the AFL Forum discussions we at SHS have had during those faculty meetings.  They are included here so that other schools can benefit from our exploration of AFL.  We encourage you to feel free to use our Forums as you see fit.  Furthermore, please be encouraged to use the Forum feature to create your own interactive staff development discussions.  Don't look at this as just Salem's page - it belongs to all members.  This Network is for any educators interested in exploring AFL.  If your faculty has an assessment discussion on this Network it will only serve to benefit the rest of us.


As we have additional AFL Forum discussions at SHS we will add links to them to this post.  

  • 9/03/09 - The relationship between assessment and grading
  • 9/23/09 - Grading v. Assessment
  • 10/28/09 - An example of AFL - GPS
  • 1/13/10 - An example of AFL - Whiteboards
  • 3/10/10 - Results of AFL Survey
  • 5/12/10 - Plans for AFL Objective
  • 12/8/10 - Use AFL Rubric to set mid-year objective
  • 12/14/11 - Building a Culture of Failure
  • 3/23/12 - Homework
  • 10/24/12 - AFL Discussion Question: Non-graded assessment to make sure students understand content
  • 11/28/12 - AFL Discussion Question: Using a summative assessment for a formative purpose
  • 1/22/13 - AFL Discussion Question: Quick AFL-activities to use at the end of class
  • 11/12/14 - Pretend You're A Grade Coach
  • 2/25/15 - Standards Based Learning and the Inchworm
  • 2/24/16 - Using AFL/SBL to Analyze a Common Assessment Practice: Earning Points Back on a Test
  • 4/13/16 - Tools for the Standard 7 Teacher
  • 1/11/17 - Applying SBL Philosophy
  • 1/10/18 - Incorporating Assessment into Lesson Plans
  • 1/08/20 - Compensation, Consequences, and Compliance
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