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An Overview of Standards Based Learning from @CVULearns

This website is dedicated to promoting outstanding assessment practices - the kind of assessment practices that help students learn as opposed to simply documenting what they do or don't know.  These types of practices are known as Assessment FOR Learning (AFL) strategies - an appropriate name since they are assessment strategies that lead to learning.

One set or type of AFL strategies are those that fall into the category of Standards Based Learning (SBL).  SBL strategies are AFL strategies that focus on specific content standards.  Students are assessed and taught based on standards.  Their learning is driven by standards mastery, and the ultimate grade they receive is a communication of how well they have mastered standards - instead of the result of averaging a bunch of numbers together in a grade book.

The folks at Champlain Valley Union High School in Vermont (you can follow them on Twitter at @CVULearns) have put together a wonderful SBL resource.  They combine great ideas from assessment gurus like Rick Wormeli, Ken O'Connor, Thomas Guskey, Rick Stiggins, and others.  Educators and schools exploring SBL will enjoy reading through their ideas and using their rubrics.  They will sure stimulate more discussion and professional growth. 

Follow the link below to see the SBL strategies/ideas.  Thanks to @CVULearns for sharing!

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