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Have any of you used Socrative in your classroom?

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Comment by J. Wilkins Colvin on April 21, 2012 at 3:05pm

I use Socrative in my classroom for self-assessment and student reflection.  My students love it.  I most often use the quiz feature for student self-assessment.   My students like that they get immediate feedback on content mastery.  When the activity is over, the program sends me a report via e-mail which allows me to view individual student responses.  The report is color coded so it is easy to get a quick read on what I need to reteach.   I also use it for open ended questioning and ongoing assessment during instruction.  This week I used it as a tool for students to report team findings from a comparative map study of the United States from 1820-1860.  This tool is a wonderful resource that students love to use.   

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