For today's workshop we will be using online Forum Discussions as a way to:

  1. Model the use of 21st Century Skills/Technology
  2. Enable greater discussion than the typical workshop format would allow
  3. Collaborate
  4. Create a record of our ideas that can be used in the future

This Forum Discussion has been created as a way to practice using Forum Discussions and to make sure that all participants are able to access the AFL Ning.

When Professional Development activities or topics haven’t been “all that you could ever hope for”, what has been the reason/problem?

Answer the above question by replying in the box below.

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  • Many times, we are presented with similar information in our PD's.

  • Lack of follow-up, lack of time for follow-up. Many times we aren't provided the resources to apply the ideas after the conference/workshop. Sometimes it isn't applicable to our field.

  • It takes time and effort and we may not have quality long term support.

  • It is difficult to focus at the end of a long work day.

  • In my group's opinion, problems we have experienced with professional development activities in the past are they do not relate to certain teacher's content areas, the activities are not realistic for the students we teach, and the information presented in repeat from previous professional development activities.

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  • There is rarely any follow up to PD events. There are so many other additional aspects of teaching to consider and its a pick-and-choose battle. Sometimes not relevant to content.

  • The coolest table in the room believes that professional development is completely necessary, but can become overwhelming when stressed out and doing a thousand other things. Why waste our time on irrelevant material when we have so many other responsibilities and deadlines that we are dealing with? Many unrealistic goals and expectations can discourage and frustrate a teacher. Sometimes we leave with many great ideas, but not the time to apply in the classroom.

  • Often there is no follow-up within the school on the professional development.   Many times the pd does not apply or  problems are defined with no solution offered.

  • Instead of giving ideas, tools, and help, the entire 3 hours was spent telling us that the need for differentiated instruction (or fill in the blank for the topic) exists.
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