For today's workshop we will be using online Forum Discussions as a way to:

  1. Model the use of 21st Century Skills/Technology
  2. Enable greater discussion than the typical workshop format would allow
  3. Collaborate
  4. Create a record of our ideas that can be used in the future

This Forum Discussion has been created as a way to practice using Forum Discussions and to make sure that all participants are able to access the AFL Ning.

When Professional Development activities or topics haven’t been “all that you could ever hope for”, what has been the reason/problem?

Answer the above question by replying in the box below.

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  • faculty often don't see a need or rationale to the PD, faculty often feels overwhelmed with PD....especially during the start of a school year or teachers are tired and worn out at the end of school years which creates a bit of apathy

  • professional development is not always designed as a comprehensive program. It is often a new program, a second program, and a third, it often seems as something new with no relation to what has been done in the past.
  • Relevance - how does this apply to me.

    "We don't have time!!"

    The attitude of - we want to be entertained..........

    History of bad experiences with professional development

    Teacher uncertainty

    The feeling of being overwhelmed with expectations....

    Professional development as a one shot event instead of on-going PD


  • PD is not relevant.  Lack of competency of speaker.  Content is not useful.  Presentations need to be practical and useful.  Timing of topic is not the best.  Time of day of the presentation impacts effectiveness.

  • Many times there is only lecture and very little practical hands-on. There is little to no follow-up. It's a one shot deal. Teachers see it as one more thing to do.
  • Sometimes the PD doesn't apply to everyone involved

  • Irrelevant topics that didn't hold the interest of the entire group. The P/D was a " one-time" situation that did not have a follow-up.
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