For today's workshop we will be using online Forum Discussions as a way to:

  1. Model the use of 21st Century Skills/Technology
  2. Enable greater discussion than the typical workshop format would allow
  3. Collaborate
  4. Create a record of our ideas that can be used in the future

This Forum Discussion has been created as a way to practice using Forum Discussions and to make sure that all participants are able to access the AFL Ning.

When Professional Development activities or topics haven’t been “all that you could ever hope for”, what has been the reason/problem?

Answer the above question by replying in the box below.

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  • Teachers don't see the relevance to their daily classroom instruction.
  • -not having the resources.
    - not having"team" support.
  • Professional development activities are best when they meet an individual teacher's interests and needs. We want students to take ownership of their learning. Personal choice for PD allows teachers to take ownership as well.

  • Many presenters do not have experience working with high school students, yet they present to this level of teacher using their elementary experience.

  • Not having the team on the same page to implement big ideas.
  • When there's not opportunity for interaction with others to push my thinking into new areas.
  • Application


  • Presentations do not help with math content.

    No time to practice.

  • the level of needs for each area of staff dev.

    knowing the needs of each person

    not knowing the background of each person attending

    Feedback from previous SD is not constructive

  • Staff development isn't differentiated based on the audience.  Sometimes teachers don't know what they don't know. They THINK they know about something, but may not have a clear understanding.

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