• I guess assessing means to give a student a grade for Power School so a report card can be run so the student can show a parent that the student is passing a class.  However, I assess my students everyday.  Sometimes they have a bad day.  Should a bad day fail a student? No

  • To determine understanding of material.  To see what areas need to be retaught.  Also, to see what I, as a teacher, am teaching effectively. 

  • To know where to begin with your journey in the classroom with the students.

  • To see what students have learned and to see if modications in instruction are needed.

  • To make it matter. In analyzing literature, I ask my students What does it SAY? What does it MEAN? What does it MATTER?

  • Assessment is used to see what the students have learned. It can be used as another tool for learning and to see what skills need to be reviewed.

  • I assess students to measure how much they have learned. I am trying to see what needs to be retaught and what has been clearly understood. Assessments can help me see where students are struggling so I can make a plan to help them to more fully understand the concepts that have been presented. 

  • you can look at students progress

  • We assess students for content mastery and progress in the class.  Assessments also serve as an indicator for what we need to reteach.

  • To determine level of understanding, figure out what to "reteach" 

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