• We assess to provide feedback to teachers and students on what they have learned.

  • Determine what topics need to be retaught or reinforced.

  • We assess to discover what students know, what they do not know, what they need to learn.

  • In the past we have used assessment forr grading - now it is used to guide instruction and reflect/change teaching practices.

  • Is the teacher on track with curriculum?
    Are students understanding what is being taught?
    Provides feedback to the teacher
    Shapes the instructional focus
    Help students learn and provide them feedback

  • To see if students are comprehending and to give feedback, to track student growth and progress, to identify topics/skills needing remediation/reteaching
  • To know what has been learned. Assessment allows the teacher to know what students know so that we teach the unknown, strengthen skills, and fill in gaps.
  • determine student comprehension, is pacing schedule appropriate for student learning, data driven feedback will provide direction for teacher planning.

  • Student progress, content mastery, where to remediate and re-teach, evaluation of instruction.
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