• To check for understanding.
    To get data to make informed instructional decisions.
    1. The purpose is supposed to be information for the teacher but we are so pacing guide driven.
    2. I want to assess my students because I want to but I feel like we have to assess all of the time for data.
    3. I want to assess to better my instruction but often times there is not a lot of follow up.
  • - find a baseline of knowledge.
    - assessment needs to be authentic.
  • To monitor and check for understanding. Using data to adjust instruction.
  • While I want to know what they have learned, I also want to assess my instruction.

  • Why do we assess the students learning?  We want to find out what they don’t know and where we need to guide remediation. Helps with checking for student understanding of a given subject. It can let the students know where they stand with their own learning. We want to find what the students will need help with and then try to reach an attainable goal.

  • A need to know if they have learned what I have taught.  To see where they have not understood what was taught.  Many times you can see misconceptions with the  learning that you may have missed before.  

  • Assessing students for their mastery or to see what they know or do not know

    Use assessments to see how your teaching methods worked.

  • I use pre-assessment to guide my instruction so that I make sure to cover the skills that my students have not mastered.
  • -To figure out what they DON'T Know

    -Keep accountable

    -To establish targets for learning tied to standards (A learning cycle)

    -So students know where they stand 

    -To differentiate within my class


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