• As a chorus teacher, I never go more than two or three minutes without assessing my students.  Everything we accomplish in concert is built on a foundation of continual assessment.  The issue I see is the difference between assessment and grading.  Sometimes it can even seem that the two are in conflict.
  • To asses the learning.
  • As CTE Instructors,  assessments are to make sure that the students not only understand the terminology but also know how to perform the task. Therefore,  we have to make two assessments.
  • to check for understanding and to guide further instruction
  • My purpose for assessment is to direct my next teaching strategy.   I have to know what knowledge my students have acquired first.  I give students more than one chance to "get it" before I can move on.
  • I try to teach students in college prep classes what to expect in college and how to study independently.  But I would like to be able to include more formative assessments I design and at times I choose rather than wasting time on benchmarks when I already know most of what they know.
  • Most of us assess to put a grade in the grade book when we should actually assess what is "caught" from what is "taught."
  • To make sure they are learning the material and to understand what we need to go back over so they comprehend the material.
  • I use assessments to find out if students are mastering what I am teaching them.  There is also a component to this that ends with arriving at a grade for the course
  • Assessments are for mapping progress.  Some can be done with paper and pencil, but others are life experiences. It is like a runner, the goal is to improve each time you perform a task.When the student improves they gain self esteem and confidence.

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