• Feedback is more important for my students than for me.  In 45 minutes I cannot always assess each student.  I believe that the students should at least have the feedback so they can ask appropriate questions.  I like the idea of a quiz grade replaced by a test grade.  This way I can make sure students get formative assessment in different ways.
  • We need to consider also what is the grade supposed to reflect.  What if a student is perhaps repeating a class, due to excessive absences.  If that student did actually learn the content the year before---and that learning is reflected on my assessments---then does the grade reflect what I  have taught him?
  • I often assess my special ed students without grading. At a point in which I feel that they have earned the ability to be tested, then the testing will take place,  Note that 'earning' is stated because I want the students to be empowered in the learning and remembering process. I want my students to own their learning.  In life, all of us must earn our way.  This is part of my life skills teaching as applied to subject content.

  • Another method is to use an actual pretest to decide what areas in a particular unit the students need more help with. and focus instruction more in these areas...
  • We all need to be better at reflecting what the students have learned.



  • what incentive do students have if they can never get out of a "hole" even thought they have improved knowledge level or skill level.
  • -Most of us take a lot of grades and make them count the same.  Non-AFL


  • As a teacher, we display non-graded daily assessment by asking questions at the end of lecture

    Feedback after formal assessment

    Sometimes our grading system can alter the overall outcome for learners

    We are less susceptible to changes of our grading system which is a disadvantage to our students who achieve the level of understanding needed

  • One thing a fellow teacher has done is to use practice on oral presentation of information regarding body systems, first with a peer and then again with a peer, before doing the same delivery for the teacher.Each time they are evaluated and made aware of where they need more practice; but only the last time does it "count" for a grade.....
  • Teachers using frequent questions during discussions

    Checking for understanding

    Non-AFL..Moving on without knowing if studnets have learned

    scantron assessments

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