• Assessment is also a tool to help students built confidence in their areas of learning to help them gain self motivation and self esteem all at the same time while enabling teachers to reach their goals while maintaing their class management skills while impacting their ability to remember not to just 'learn' ''content.
  • Purpose is probably two-fold.  To determine students' progress and to determine teachers' effectiveness.
  • We assess for a lot of different reasons.  Sometimes it is to see if students have learned the content that we have presented.  At other times we are assessing to see what background knowledge the students have.   Assessment can also help us target areas for reteach activities.
  • Assessment helps students understand what they need to work on and allows us to encourage them to keep trying.
  • I assess students to find out prior knowledge, and to know where to review and start teaching.  I assess students to help me plan lessons according to student levels and, hopefully, interests.
  • To see if the students were able to master the technology that we are teaching them and how they are able to use it in a real world scenario.
  • We need to know what the student knows so we need assessments.  There are different kinds of assessments to use. 
  • Sometimes we assess to get a baseline of all the levels in the classroom.


    We may need to reteach.


    If reteaching is necessary, an alternative instructional strategy may be needed.



  • It is also a way to find out what you need to go over again, maybe with a different strategy or well as discover which kids need more help and with what.
  • To determine if the students learned the content.
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