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Could some one point me in the right direction to find the paper or research that speaks to the experiment where some teachers gave student work feedback, some students grades, and some students grades and feedback, and how the feedback only was the strategy that improved learning.

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  • When I saw Gusky once I jotted this in my notes:
    Ellis Page did a classic study where she had teachers administer a test and put them in three random piles-one set just received grades, the second got the above, and the third the grade and individual comments. Second group achieved significantly higher scores. Individualized comments did even better!
    Here is a website leading to that study:
    • The above was:
      Grades with comments are better than grades alone
      Grade Standard Comment
      A Excellent! Keep it up.
      B Good work. Keep at it.
      C Perhaps try to do better still?
      D Let’s bring this up.
      F Let’s raise this grade!

      I believe Guskey gave percentages on how much better they did, but I couldn't find that
      • Personally I think the main point is setting students up for success with the first assessment. If you just throw a C on the quiz, the student assumes he/she is a C student in the class and will put forth that effort. If you put "Let's do better-you missed this or that"-they will assume they can do better and try harder. Sadly, you are able to largely predict a students final grade based off their fist quiz...should not happen when there are 75-85 days to improve learning!
  • Not familiar with that specific example, but I'll share this with the rest of the members and see if anyone has anything.
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