• Oral assessment and frequent observances help me see if students are getting it!
  • AFL practices I have experienced and used led to much success in learning concepts. When not used, there became much frustration in the class.
  • Exit polls, Verbal assessments, and daily review questions work well for me!

  • Using assessment orally works great if repeated every day at start and end of class, or the use of an exit slip in which they write a short summary of what they have learned in their own words.
  • In choir, recorded them singing each song and then played back for student assessment. Provided instruction for improvement. A couple of weeks later, played it again for them to assess their progress.
  • Anytime we give into the pressure of adhering strictly to the prescribed curriculum map and moving forward to maintain pace, regardless of whether students have demonstrated mastery of that content, this is an example of a non-AFL practice.
  • Daily review questions, verbal questioning, exit slips

  • Orally assessment and quizzes for no grade are great measuring tools

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