• Assess to see if students comprehend material taught, for growth, and SOL comprehension. 

  • The purpose of assessment is to see what students know and understand.  This way, we can engage in differentiated instruction based on student need depending on subject matter.  We are trying to accomplish student growth and enrichment.

  • To monitor student ability levels, and to promote progress.
  • We assess students to see how much they know, what has been taught, and getting feedback for teachers to see what each child has mastered.
  • I assess to see if the students are understanding the concept that is being taught.  I assess to gather data and make comparisons among students.  I assess to see if I am doing my job.    

  • The purpose is to check comprehension and find areas in which remediation is needed.

  • Assessment gives you the data needed to determine where and when your instruction should go next. It is part of a spiral of instruction.
  • To see where the students are. To see if they understood the lesson. To gather data to see if you can go to next lesson.
  • The purpose of assessment is for the teacher to evaluate a students knowledge of material and for the student to assess their study habits.
  • To gather relevant information to aide the students in learning.  To check to see if your teaching strategies are working.

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