1. What's the Final Grade?
    You are seeing projected on the screen a collection of scored assignments.  Your job is to determine the student's final grade based on these scores.  You have complete freedom to determine how best to do that. You will choose a letter grade by visiting the following survey: 

    What's the Final Grade?

  2. What does a grade represent?
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    When a student gets an A, or a B, or a C, or a D, or an F as a final grade on a report card or on a transcript, what does that mean?  And what should go into that grade - what should it be comprised of so that it means what you want it to mean?  

  3. Ideas for Leading an Assessment Journey

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    Discussion Starters for Faculty Meetings: 

    Trying and Failing, a key component of learning:

    A Better Way to Review:

    Pick a Strategy and Try It Out:

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  • If a student gets a particular grade on their report card, it means that is the level at which they mastered the particular content. Within a theatre setting, this works through many formative assessments, to measure gradual growth in a certain skill. Eventually leading to a summative assessment when I feel that a student has shown this growth.

  • Any grade should reflect what the student has mastered 

  • It should be a reflection of individual student growth.  

    This is CV, CF, RL

  • Grades should show where a student is toward mastery/proficiency in a specific subject.

  • Standards mastery, effort, learning, and participation

    Grades have a different meaning depending on individual children

  • A grade should represent mastery of a standard. It should be based on assessments given only after the student has had an opportunity to practice the skill and improve.  Homework is an opportunity to practice and should not be a part of the final grade.  How can we expect mastery if students don't have a true opportunity to practice the skill and receive help?

  • The final grade should represent mastery of standards.

  • A grade should represent how much of a standard or concept is mastered by the student.

  • The level of student mastery. 

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